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Queen City bathroom renovations and remodeling has been servicing Charlotte NC for over 10 years. When you think of bathrooms if you live in North Carolina you think of Queen City. We are have become the most trusted brand in town, creating unique designs that are built to last is what we do best. Installing new baths and showers can be costly and you want to receive value and a well-finished job for your hard-earned money. Our bathroom remodeling team meets every building code standard in the USA and we guarantee our work.

A Highly Skilled Team Of Bathroom Remodelors

We have a team of experienced bathroom designers and remodelers who can help you choose the right features, products, and accessories for your bathroom. Queen City home remodeling experts will help remodel while staying within the stipulated budget. Not only do the bathrooms we remodel improve the value of your home, but every bathroom we create is built to last. However, most of all you will enjoy spending time in the bathroom, especially after a hard day’s work.

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    Unique Designs For Your North Carolina Bathroom

    Our designers work closely with clients to help identify their personal style and use that to design a dream bathroom. Every dream is different; that’s why every bathroom we design, remodel, and build is unique.

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    All of the products come with a full warranty. At Queen City we use only the finest of products that transform your bathroom into something special.

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    We have over the years come across many homeowners in Charlotte for whom their bathroom has become a source of frustration. However, before you choose our bathroom remodeling in Charlotte, NC, ask yourself this:

    Choose Our Charlotte Bath Remodeling Service

    We are seasoned experts with over a decade of experience designing, building, renovating, and remodeling bathrooms and baths. We specialize in transforming old baths into modern works of livable art. Our team at Queen City works with clients to visualize and build their dreams. We service all residential and commercial projects, with a no renovation is the too big or small motto our company is here to help!

    Bath Renovations & New Installations

    Replacing or fixing your bath is generally the most expensive part of your bathroom renovation It needs to be done with thought and planning. We are the experts when it comes to choosing a new bath, we will explain the pros and cons of either a total replacement or renovating your old bath. Call today for a free consultation and chat, we will be more than happy to explain as much as we can over the phone.

    Remodel & Redesign Your Shower

    A shower is one of the most important pieces in your bathroom. You need to make sure you are 100% happy with your choice before the renovations process begins. Our team of highly trained bathroom designers will show you on automated software exactly how your shower is going to look before it is installed. Whether it is a walk-in shower or a shower that’s built into your bath our team will help advise you on what will work best for your space.

    Bathroom Remodel Charlotte NC

    Modern Bathroom Designs For Charlotte, North Carolina Homes

    Our bathroom renovations company in Charlotte, NC, has helped dozens of homeowners reclaim their space in a way that they never thought possible. The problem with the vast majority of bathrooms built and renovated over a decade ago is while they were solid, and up to date for that time, they lacked the modernization we need today. That’s why a professional bathroom remodel and renovation job can make a huge difference to any home.

    Our bathroom renovation service helps ensure that it maintains the same footprint, while at the same time being a lot more functional and aesthetically pleasing. Our experts also offer constructive advice, on the right fixtures, and additions that help extract the best value for money.


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